Prayer Flag Quilt

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been slowly getting back at sewing, making some progress on my Wonky Log Cabin quilt blocks and other things.  Perhaps it’s the cold weather bringing me indoors and wanting to curl up.  Perhaps it’s my wanting to get rid of things in my house and use them up.  No matter what, I’m feeling like I want to gain some closure in general.

That being said, just before Thanksgiving, I sent a text message to my mom asking if she had her sewing machine set up at home.  And, success, she did.  So, I grabbed my prayer flag layer cake and charm pack (I still love this fabric line) and took it to my parents house over Thanksgiving.  I decided to use the Meandering Path quilt pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  This is the same quilt pattern I used to make my Christmas quilt a few years ago, and I remember sewing that together in a snowstorm, so I knew it sews together fairly quickly — not too much cutting with this pattern and a great showcase of the variation of fabrics in the layer cake.

So, on the day after Thanksgiving, rather than getting up at the crack of dawn to go shopping, I woke up and started to cut the fabric for the quilt.  Then, I spread the quilt out and walked away.  Friday night I went to start sewing it together and my mom stepped in to assist me.  How lucky am I that she was willing to do that?

Saturday morning I woke up and finished sewing it together — an experienced quilter could pretty easily put the top together in half a day.  An inexperienced quilter could easily put it together in the course of  a day or two — the pattern takes so little cutting — after the initial cutting of the fabric, you’re done!

This was an excellent return to quilting.  And, I left there with a top that is finished 🙂

meandering path prayer flag quilt


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