Wonky Log Cabin Finished!

Just before leaving for break, I finally finished the top of the Wonky Log Cabin quilt I had been working on over the past several years (see blocks here, here, here, here, here, and here).  As I was looking to finish it up, I was hoping it would be an oversized lap quilt and oops, it turned into a queen-sized quilt.  Needless to say, adding some sashing greatly expanded my need to have 54 12 inch blocks as some quilting chart guides suggest.

wonky log cabin 9 patchesI started with the wonky log cabin blocks and when I realized I would need more fabric (or would have needed to approach the way I used my fabric differently), I decided to add some “solid” fabric blocks as well from some of the fabric lines I had chosen.  This particular quilt has a lot of Andover Folklorika fabrics in it, so I chose fabric from those lines to be a major component of the quilt.  Although I didn’t have the right amount of fabric (length) to complete more wonky log cabin blocks, I was able to make as many 9-patch blocks as I needed for the sashing.  Those were almost as much fun to make as the wonky log cabin blocks were to make.

wonky log cabin sashingOnce I added the sashing and the fill blocks, I tried to lay it out and the only place I could put it and see the whole thing was my queen sized bed.  So, now I need to sew some backing together — does anyone have great ideas for what the back should look like?  I think I’ll have this one quilted and am excited to get this on my bed!

Wonky Log Cabin top

Christmas Egg Bake

I’m just now catching up on the holiday baking and crafting that occurred, so watch for a few more posts coming up.

Somehow, perhaps because I’m not a fan of bread in an egg bake, I’ve become the egg bake maker in the family.  We decided to celebrate Christmas this year by hosting my aunt and uncle and serving fruit, veggies, egg bake, ham, and other items, to keep it somewhat low-key and relaxing for everyone.

Knowing that the holidays can be full of a number of different snacks and sweets, one of my goals was to have some veggies and not going over the top with cheese and other items in the egg bake — that stuff will all make its way into our diets when we’re spending time with family, so this seemed like a good way to have some protein.

Christmas Morning Egg Bake.jpg

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Fantastic Bread Pudding

I’ll be the first to admit.  Bread pudding is not my favorite thing in the world.  It’s a texture thing for me.  I like my bread dry.  When I make an egg bake, I use potatoes.  But, I love a gooey cinnamon roll or monkey bread, so when my uncle started talking about bread pudding on Christmas Day and my mom mentioned my aunt Kathy’s recipe in the family cookbook, I thought this was probably the opening for which I’d been seeking.  Maybe making my own bread pudding would make a difference.

So, after family had left, I found the recipe in the cookbook and was delighted that we had most of the ingredients.  When we went to the grocery store, I picked up the remaining ingredients and moved forward.  I did make a few modifications, based on the way that some of the restaurants in the area make their bread pudding, and I’ve noted the changes to the recipe through my edits below.

bread pudding

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