Wonky Log Cabin Finished!

Just before leaving for break, I finally finished the top of the Wonky Log Cabin quilt I had been working on over the past several years (see blocks here, here, here, here, here, and here).  As I was looking to finish it up, I was hoping it would be an oversized lap quilt and oops, it turned into a queen-sized quilt.  Needless to say, adding some sashing greatly expanded my need to have 54 12 inch blocks as some quilting chart guides suggest.

wonky log cabin 9 patchesI started with the wonky log cabin blocks and when I realized I would need more fabric (or would have needed to approach the way I used my fabric differently), I decided to add some “solid” fabric blocks as well from some of the fabric lines I had chosen.  This particular quilt has a lot of Andover Folklorika fabrics in it, so I chose fabric from those lines to be a major component of the quilt.  Although I didn’t have the right amount of fabric (length) to complete more wonky log cabin blocks, I was able to make as many 9-patch blocks as I needed for the sashing.  Those were almost as much fun to make as the wonky log cabin blocks were to make.

wonky log cabin sashingOnce I added the sashing and the fill blocks, I tried to lay it out and the only place I could put it and see the whole thing was my queen sized bed.  So, now I need to sew some backing together — does anyone have great ideas for what the back should look like?  I think I’ll have this one quilted and am excited to get this on my bed!

Wonky Log Cabin top


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