Rosemary Caramel Corn

I love popcorn.  Caramel corn, on the other hand, can be a love-hate for me.  There are times when I love it, and times when it’s not really my thing.  That being said, I’m always a fan of looking for an alternate caramel corn recipe and years ago I found this one and made it during a snowstorm.  I was going through photographs and found this one.  I’m excited to share it today!

rosemary caramel corn.jpg

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Almond Bark Ritz Crackers

In the easiest of easy recipes, Almond Bark Ritz crackers are perhaps my favorites.  They are bite-sized, delicious from the freezer, and almost nothing could be better.  So, I make a boatload of them this year for the holidays.

Ritz Almond Bark Cookies

Ritz Almond Bark Crackers

1 box of peanut butter Ritz crackers
1 package of almond bark

Melt the almond bark.  Dip the peanut butter ritz crackers in said almond bark.  Place on wax paper to cool.  Sprinkle with sprinkles before they dry completely.  Freeze them quickly before eating them all.

Pride of Iowa Cookies

It’s nearly impossible to live in Iowa, look through a recipe book, and not make a recipe that is called Pride of Iowa Cookies.  This is another recipe I’ve had flagged for awhile, but haven’t made.  So, I decided to make them for the holiday season, because why not?  After tasting them, I would have identified them as Ranger Cookies, if you’ve ever had those before.

Pride of Iowa Cookies

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