My Friends do Great Things


I’ve lost touch with my friend Molly, who lived on the 4th floor of my residence hall in my first year of college.  By “lost touch” I mean that in the call-each-other-up-on-the-phone kind of interactions.  We’re connected on Facebook and Instagram, which is how I learned about this great project she’s been working on for the past month or so.  Molly and a friend came up with an initiative called the 100 hours project.

I clicked her link to learn more about the 100 hours project, and the concept is simple, but great.  We all spend a lot of time doing things that we don’t want to do, but life would be more awesome if we spent more time doing the things we love doing.  So, they printed these awesome cards:

100 hours project.png

on some gorgeous letterpress paper and we write down something we love doing and then find a way to spend 100 hours doing it.  You can order the cards through their web site.  It sounds like it’s been pretty successful thus far, as they are already on their second run of letterpress cards.

My cards arrived yesterday.  I know that in this year when I work to reclaim my hobbies, one card will be devoted to sewing, like I suggested in my resolutions post.  I’m still deciding on the second page, but I couldn’t wait to share Molly’s awesome project.  Head to her web site and check it out!

To get started, I set up my sewing room, which included unpacking my finished quilt tops which need to be finished further:

quilt rack.png

and in anticipation of the end of Downton Abbey, determined I should start a quilt top using a charm pack and layer cake.  So, as this is my first quilt in some time, am going back to a favorite pattern I’ve used numerous times, Meandering Path, as last seen in the Prayer Flag quilt I made last year and the Christmas quilt I did a few years earlier.

downton abbey fabric.png


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