Sweet Potato Crisp

This weekend was great outside.  It was almost 60 degrees outside and it was perfect weather to start grilling and pretending it was spring.  When I came across a recipe for Sweet Potato Crisp in a church cookbook — the same one where I found the drop cookies and m&m oatmeal cookies.

Looking for some more recipes for the blog. #yum #recipes #churchcookbooksarethebest

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This recipe for Sweet Potato Crisp sounded great and like a nice change from other sweet potato recipes.

Sweet Potato Crisp.jpg

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Golden Potato Soup

A couple weeks ago I had the flu.  Not the “I-don’t-feel-well-it-must-be-the-flu,” but the I-went-to-the-doctor-and-he-ran-a-test-for-influenza-flu.  It knocked me out.  For three days I don’t know what happened.  In fact, I had  a couple moments where I had to call people and ask what we had discussed on the phone while I was sick.

When I finally started feeling well enough to sit upright again, I started looking through recipe books for a few things to make and came across this recipe for golden potato soup in one of my church cookbooks.  I thought this might be worth making, since it would provide warmth.

Golden Potato Soup.jpg

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