Pinwheel Table Runner

A few months ago I committed to working on the 100 hours project.  My practice of the 100 hours project is getting caught up on some quilting and sewing projects which have been on the back burner and use up some fabric in my stash.  I love this concept and am so proud of my friend from college who has been doing some thoroughly creative endeavors in recent months.  If you live in the New York area (or other metropolitan areas), you should check out a program she’s involved with: Daybreaker.  They look amazing!

But, back to the quilting and sewing.  I took time to finish up some unfinished projects, and then took a break away from the quilting for some travel to conferences, but after a few things came together following my last conference (including acquiring a new mattress for the guest room where my sewing machine had been located), I knew it was time to get back to it.

Last week we started the first week of what I deem event television.  We had the Republican National Convention, followed by this week’s Democratic National Convention, and soon, we’ll be starting the Olympics.  What better to do than take the next step with some of these unfinished projects?  So, look for some more sewing updates in the upcoming weeks.

This round, I finished a quilt I’d been working on for a gift — watch more information to come forward on that.  I also finished up this table runner I’d started awhile ago.  My mom had made a quilt years ago using the same fabric line, which happened to pretty perfectly match my dinner plates.  So, I decided I should make something from the line.  A table runner seemed like a good step.  I picked up a charm pack of the Dragonfly Summer line.

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Part of what’s frustrating is that this is not a complicated pattern to put together and the top has been done for a year.  So, it’s not that hard to finish putting it together.  But, now that has been accomplished.  And, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!  The table runner is essentially three blocks of a 3-D Pinwheel sewn together with half squares of the other charm squares sewn around as a border.  Pumpkin Patch Quilter has a great tutorial on the block, so I’ll link to their page for folks who haven’t done this pattern before.

I’m pretty pleased with how the table runner turned out overall.  Here are some in-progress photos, with the completed runner.

3d pinwheel progress.png

pinwheel table runner completed.png


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