Prayer Flag Quilt Completed

During the course of the last two conventions, I was able to finish up some projects, as I shared with the table runner I finished last week.  The other major project I finished up was a quilt I started nearly two years ago.  My plan was to send it to a friend who, over the course of the past 5 years, has become a rock in my life.  I had hoped to send it months ago, but as time passes, I had missed that opportunity.  With a few nights of tv-time, it seemed as though it was the perfect time to work on finishing up these projects.

You can see lots of progress throughout my Instagram feed:

Back to sewing today. #100hours #quilting #sewing

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I love these fabrics. #prayerflag #sewing #quilting #100hoursproject

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Binding prep #quilting #100hoursproject

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Aren’t these fabric colors gorgeous?  It’s a great quilt pattern, too, that I’ve used a number of times, for my Christmas quilt, and for some other tops that are not yet sewn together.  The fabric is from the Prayer Flag line by Moda.  And, I said a lot of prayers as I was putting the quilt together, for the person for whom I was making it, for the world, for the chaos that we are seeing too often these days.

The quilt pattern was Meandering Path, which is available on the Moda Bake Shop.  If you want to try quilting, I would definitely recommend considering this pattern — there’s a little cutting, but not too much.  The supplies are a charm pack and a layer cake, and you can find some gorgeous options out there right now!

Here’s the finished project!

Prayer Flag Quilt Finished.jpg

Prayer Flag Quilt Completed.png


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