Cucumber Cashew Salad

I’m in the midst of planning a great backyard overhaul.  When I say that I’m “in the midst of planning” I really mean that on my list of things to do when I win the lottery has been an item that says, “fix the landscaping.”  But, as I had my first year of really trying to do some gardening, I find myself thinking about where in my yard has the best lighting, and what I can do to improve this.  I think it’s going to mean trading out my garden space for where the hostas are currently located.  But, this will be a good thing as well.

In the meantime, my garden is producing lots and lots of cucumbers.  So I have been looking at recipes that incorporate the cucumber into my meal in interesting ways.  This recipe for Cucumber-Cashew Salad from the Serving Up the Harvest cookbook was just that.  After grabbing three cucumbers fresh off the vine in my backyard, I mowed the lawn, spent an hour weeding some of the garden beds and then was looking for a refreshing evening meal.  In my assorted randomness of items to eat, I ate some cantaloupe, hard-boiled eggs, and paired it with this crisp and refreshing salad, which added a touch of exciting flavor to my meal!

Cucumber Cashew Salad.jpg

Cucumber Cashew Salad

2 lbs cucumbers (3 large), halved, and sliced
1 c roasted salted cashews
3 scallions, trimmed
3 Tbsp rice vinegar
1 Tbsp mirin
1 Tbsp tamari
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp minced ginger
2 Tbsp dark sesame oil
Salt and pepper

Combine the cucumbers, cashews, and scallions in a salad bowl.

Whisk together vinegar, mirin, tamari, sugar, and ginger in a separate small bowl.  Whisk in the oil.  Pour over the salad and toss gently.

Season with salt and pepper.  Serve immediately.


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