Turkey Rhubarb Melt

A few weeks ago, the dining hall on-campus served a turkey brie sandwich that was okay, but wasn’t quite matching the flavor combination for which I was hoping.  So, when I made the Old-Fashioned Milk Bread a few days later, I had a hankering to try some sandwich melts that might improve upon that flavor.  I took a look through the ingredients in the refrigerator and came up with this combination, also using the Rhubarb Ginger Jam I had canned this summer.


Turkey Rhubarb Melt

2 slices of bread
sliced apple
sliced bacon cheddar cheese
rhubarb ginger jam

Butter one side of each slice of bread.  Stick two buttered sides together.  Spread rhubarb ginger jam on top slice of bread.  Layer apple, turkey, and cheese on top of this bread.

Heat a skillet.  Place the bread, butter side down into the skillet and take the other piece of bread and put it on top of the sandwich, butter side up.  Cook until the bread is turning golden and crisp; flip over and do the same.  Continue until cheese is starting to melt.

Remove from heat and enjoy!



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