This fall has had many signs of the end times of the world coming.  Most recently, however, is that two weeks ago I acquired a puppy!  For folks who have known me throughout my entire life, I am somewhat notoriously afraid of dogs.  Over the past few years this has transitioned to what I would define as apprehension about dogs, but I am not who one might define as a “dog person.”  That being said, a couple years ago I started to think about getting a dog and this fall I started looking pretty carefully for one.

My friend Trish helped me to embrace the breed of a Wheaten Terrier about ten years ago and so when I was searching for dogs, I was looking for a Wheaten.  I couldn’t find a rescue about whom I was excited, and so, the day after Thanksgiving, when everyone else was out doing Black Friday shopping, I was calling about Meg.  And Saturday I went to pick her up.  Her first night in the house we watched the Shibboleth episode of The West Wing.

Happy Thanksgiving! Welcome to my house, Meg.

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I’m learning lots about being a dog owner and house training and crate training in my first two weeks of having Meg in my household.  For example, Meg is afraid of a lot of things.  Loud noises, different noises, her reflection in the sliding glass door, etc.  She is not scared of people or dogs who come into the yard.  She likes peanut butter and apple-flavored treats.  She’s learning commands for sit and down, but can’t quite remember her own name.  She enjoyed the snow, but isn’t a fan of the cold without the snow (I keep reminding her we are Minnesota people, so she needs to learn to embrace it).  And, she knows her cue to go into her crate is when I say “Time to go to work.”

So, check out Meg’s highlights on Instagram and welcome her to the family.  My nephews are a little disappointed she’s not a “Predator Dog,” which is what they really wanted me to get — the closer to a wolf the better in their eyes.  But, they’ll get to meet her in the upcoming weeks.  Apparently my niece says, “Gwen. Meg. Woof woof.” with some consistency.


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