Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash

In July, we had a neighborhood gathering and my neighbor Roy made an excellent smoked brisket.  Along with his barbecue sauce, it was delicious.  I had previously had an opportunity to eat some brisket he had smoked, and now I know that when I smell the smoker going early in the morning, I should do what I can to get invited for dinner that night.  He’s clued me in on a few things to look for online and I hope to some day have his talents.  In addition to the brisket, he made delicious burnt ends, and there was a theme of items that started with “b” at the barbecue — broccoli salad, brisket, burnt ends, bruschetta, boozy sangria, boozy margaritas, brownies, baked beans, and more.  Someone had requested I make apple coleslaw again, but we called it bowlslaw, to help it fit into the theme.

At the end of the night, Roy sent home some brisket with us and I had grown a little tired of fried eggs for breakfast.  However, we both noted that the brisket, on top of a bun with, along with some of the coleslaw made for an excellent sandwich.  I decided to get creative with a hash and some sweet potatoes.  I thought this would add some great smoky flavor.  I also added some Phat Daddy’s Smokehouse Rub.  When I reheated this for breakfast, at times I added some scrambled eggs, but it was great on its own as well.

Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash.jpg

Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash

1 sweet potato, diced
5-6 slices of smoked brisket, chunked
1/2 small onion, diced
1/2 Tbsp Smokehouse Rub
salt and pepper to taste
4 oz cream cheese


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