I work on a college campus in Student Affairs. This means I spend a lot of evenings and weekends on campus with the college students, and in my off-time spend a lot of time with my hobbies. Reading, cooking, and sewing treat me well. Right now I’m on a sewing/quilting trend, but overall, there’s not necessarily a lot to know about me.  In December 2015 I finished my PhD and so in 2016 I had some time to refocus and start exploring my hobbies again.  After a mostly quiet few years in terms of quilting and sewing, I’m thrilled to be exploring my hobbies again.

There are a number of different approaches to blogs.  I like to think of mine as my online recipe box.  It’s the place where I keep my notes about recipes, my comments about quilt patterns, and photos of my work to remind me of my challenges.  So, while I love sharing it with anyone who is reading it, for me it serves a greater purpose of helping me stay organized.

I tweet, read, explore theology, and try to understand the world from a more global perspective regularly.

I seek to gather inspiration from those around me as frequently as possible.

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